Nova Tracking was founded in 2013 in Poland by enthusiasts working in the field of IT, telecommunication, transport and logistics.

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The company develops and implements in practice the concept of intelligent cargo, that within a few minutes will inform interested parties where exactly it is, if it arrives on time, or if it will be delayed, or damaged. Additionally, Nova Tracking supports the carriers by providing mobile technologies so they can optimally arrange the transportation process. The company's goal is to provide Transportation-Shipping-Logistics firms with the access to a common, secure and inexpensive information. All this in order to maximize the utilization of available transport resources, thereby reduction of transportation costs.
The T-Traco is created with passion. Thanks to cooperation of Polish-American experts in the area of logistics, information technology, electronics and telecommunication, we have formed a new product that corresponds to the market needs. Google Inc., provider of the most accurate maps in the world, is our partner. Work on the construction and development of T-Traco was attended by representatives of the research unit - Institute of Logistics and Warehousing from Poznań and companies: CallFreedom, Nova Tracking from Bydgoszcz and Aspenta from Atlanta.

T-Traco is distributed in Europe, Asia, Africa
and North and South America

Our values
We are commited and enthusiastic in all we do.
We are personally accountable for the work we do.
Our comitment to continuous innovation encourages new ideas and creativity.
Service exellence
We strive for standards of servcie exellence that exceed the expectations of those we serve.
We are commited to provide highest quality products and services.